Rev. Victor Robert Farrell

Standing in The Glenrothes Parliamentary Constituency

Your candidate has been part of this community for a good wee while now & has great hopes for its future.

You've probably guessed it, I am NOT going away! There is no place in ANY political party for us.


I am standing for the Glenrothes constituency and  intend to represent the overlooked & forgotten common people of Fife who have had their voice stolen by self-serving party politicians, and their desires silenced by political correctness and all of its cronies.

The common British people are sick of this and are slowly waking up to the monstrous manipulation of main-stream media who are consistently driving a Globalist and politically correct  narrative aimed at destroying the cultural, and may I say, the Christian heritage of this country. 

Do keep an eye on my blog over the coming days and you will find my positions ( and not what the mainstream media say they are) clearly laid out for you to you decide. I will be laying out my position on the need for a clean-break BREXIT, the need for a United Kingdom, and in what way I would back Scottish Independence (should we vote YES for it in the future), immigration, & the murdering of the unborn.

I am not a politician, (as you will no doubt see in the coming days)  I am a common person representing the vote of the common people, those people whose voice has been silenced by the angry mob of Political Correctness, and are sick of having no real options to vote for. 



Get Involved, for I am NOT going away! We the 97% must stand up against the less then 3%


For sure, I cannot win this election without your help. AND BE ASSURED,  I WANT TO WIN IT.  Therefore, no politically-correct hatchet-job or rolling juggernaut of the Sexual Alphabet People will stop me. As I step up my media and street canvassing, I hope to meet many of you face to face.

I am disappointed that not more candidates were fielded across the United Kingdom to give the British people a chance to get ALL of these Muppets out of parliament. Please be assured that I am not speaking evil of dignitaries here, but rather of Muppets who, over the last three years have made a mess of this country, murdered democracy, and made us the laughing stock of the world.

My name remains on the ballot paper for Glenrothes, and I will be standing and representing everyone, I mean EVERYONE who is sick of the politically mismanaged mess left by politicians in Westminster and Holyrood. 

I am a common person with political views. I am not a politician, and that alone should bring a refreshing opportunity to the constituency of Glenrothes. It is time we, the common people, took back the asylum from the inmates presently running it. 

Let's stop the madness!


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